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Metalstamping and Material Handling Specialists


Bunting Magnetics Company

If you work with metal, Bunting® Magnetics has tools and systems to make your operation more productive and more profitable. We offer a wide variety of products for the metalworking industries - from simple magnetic vices and clamps that hold ferrous material for faster machining, welding, or assembly to devices that stack or unstack ferrous parts and move them from station to station with precise timing and placement.

At every point where you handle or fabricate ferrous materials, we have innovative magnet-based tools and automated systems that enable you to run your operation more smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

Whether you are planning a plant-wide update or streamlining a specific operation, we can supply standard tools and modules or design and build custom "packages" to meet your objectives. We provide all necessary switches, drives, and electronic controls for automating your system. We can even integrate our systems into new or existing production lines that use material handling equipment and controls from other manufacturers. Our Stacking/Destacking and Timing Belt Conveyor Modules are built from the ground up to fit your application and plant layout: Each installation is engineered to match your specific needs. Whatever you require, you get single-source convenience and single-source responsibility. We offer engineering assistance and manufacturing capabilities that can deliver everything from standard tools and pre-engineered conveyors to completely customized installations.

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