Press Automation

Metalstamping and Material Handling Specialists



Our huge variety of coil handling equipment allows us to apply the right machine for the job. Whether you run material .005" thick or .500" thick, we can handle it. We understand how these different materials behave in your stamping system. Whether your coils weigh 150 lbs. or 20,000 lbs., we have the equipment and experience to keep you out of trouble. Let our 30 years of experience help you avoid common mistakes in applying this kind of equipment.

Caldwell Company - Coil Hooks / Coil Upenders

Coiltek - Ultrasonic Loop Controls

Coe Press Equipment - Reels / Straighteners / Levelers / Decoilers / Spacesaver Systems

Durant Tool Company - Reels / Straigteners

Rapid-Air Corporation - Reels / Straighteners /  Decoilers / Loop Controls

Waddington Electronics - Precision Straigteners / Loop Controls

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