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When choosing a light for your industrial applications, choose wisely. For well over a decade, Inmark Enterprises, Inc. has partnered with General Manufacturing to provide the Dur-A-Lite line of heavy-duty, high-quality industrial lighting products. Designed for operator safety and long product life, the Dur-A-Lite line features a variety of industrial fluorescent worklights, ranging from our compact portable lights at 10" up to our 9-foot mounted lights. DUR-A-LITES ARE BUILT IN THE U.S.A.!


Heavy-Duty DUR-A-LITE

These lights are extremely rugged and better suited for the tougher industrial applications, especially where bright, compact machine lighting is needed. Choose from three types of outer tube, depending on your specific need.  Lengths up to 33" feature a dual fluorescent tube for extra light output.  The longer heavy-duty lights use the standard single tube. 

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Our Heavy-Duty LED DUR-A-LITE's are available in standard output (27" and 54" lengths) or high output (19", 34", and 49" lengths) and built with the same rugged dependability as our heavy-duty fluorescent lights.

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Standard Duty Light

This is one of our "original" DUR-A-LITE industrial lights and has been applied to thousands of industrial applications since 1988. This lighter-weight, more compact light is priced a little more economically and fills the need for many applications.

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