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KC Presses

Founded on Affordability

KC Presses is dedicated to providing reliable metal-stamping presses and solutions for cost-driven applications and budget-minded project managers. That’s why we were founded and what you’ll get when you buy a KC Press. You’ll also get KC’s attentive and experienced team to guide you.

Oversight You Can Depend On

KC management, with 60+ years of combined experience in the design, manufacture, distribution and servicing of metal forming presses, monitors and inspects KC Presses throughout the manufacturing, assembly, testing and documentation processes to ensure they meet JIS 1st Class tolerances.

Select Manufacturing Facilities

KCPresses are manufactured in select Pacific Rim factories that are able to meet our quality requirements. Both mechanical and hydraulic press facilities employ the latest technology and modern CNC machine tools.

Quality Components

Only high quality components meeting international standards go into KC Presses, including SCHNEIDER, AB & WEG electrics, SIEMENS or WEG AC motors, OMPI Clutch & Brake, ROSS dual safe clutch valve, SMC pneumatics, IHI lubrication and SANDSUN hydraulic overload system.

Global Service Alliances

KC has service alliances around the world, from the U.S., Canada and Mexico, to Brazil, Europe, India, China and Taiwan. Our global experience ensures the best and most affordable service for KC presses and clients.

KC Warranty

KC Presses are backed by a one-year warranty on all parts and six months on labor.

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