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Seyi America

SEYI Provides Stamping Presses to the Metalforming Industry in North America

Since 1962, SEYI has been dedicated to building high quality, innovative and world-class stamping presses. With 45 years of hard work, SEYI has become one of the world's leading stamping press manufacturers.

Each year SEYI manufactures and ships more than 4,000 Presses to all parts of the world from our factories.



User-friendly Interface
0.4 inch Colorful touch panel
• Simple and Highly functional 
• Operation panel with Handy Pulser

Safety Design
• Motor equipped with safety brake 
• Load monitor (Developed with Japanese manufacturer Standard attachment) 
• Electronic overload protector (Patent in application) 
• Die protective function 
• Segmental load limitation setup

Advanced Press Structure 
• High Strength RIB Structure 
• Direct-drive motor integral driving shaft (Developed with Japanese technology) 
• Direct-drive motor (Developed with Japanese technology)

• Fully programmable motion setting

Excellent Forming Capability 
• Excellent tonnage curve 
• Large forming energy 
• Forming load analysis(Optional) 
• Product quality judgments (Optional)


  SD1/2 Series Servo Press Brochure 

 SD1 Series Straight Side One Point
from 121 to 330 Tons)

 SD2 Series Straight Side Two Point
(from 176 to 440 Tons)


Seyi SD1




Seyi SD2 Series Servo Press

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